Full Stack Java

Developer- Interview Questions

    1. Explain 4 pillers in Oops

    2. Differentiate Abstract Class and Interface

    3. What is Marker Interface and How many marker interface available in Java

    4. Explain Constructors in Java

    5. Differentiate Method Overloading and Method Overriding

    6. What are Access Modifiers

    7. What is static block?

    8. What is Enum in Java?

    9. Differentiate throw and throws

    10. Differentiate final, finally and finalize

    11. Why String class is Immutable?

    12. Differentiate String, String Buffer and String Builder

    13. What is String Pool?

    14. Write a java program to find repeated character in String

    15. Differentiate Array List and Linked List

    16. How Hash Map internally works?

    17. Write a Tree Map program to iterate element using for each

    18. Explain Thread Life Cycle

    19. What is Thread Synchronization

    20. What is Object Locking

    21. Can we start same Thread Twice?

    22. What is serialization

    23. What are the different ways to create object in Java

    24. How many Joins available in SQL

    25. How many Aggregate function in SQL

    26. Write a SQL query to find second largest salary

    27. Explain Web.xml Structure

    28. Differentiate DoGet & DoPost methods

    29. Differentiate include(), forword() and sendRedirctive()

    30. What is JSTL and why we are using in web base application?

    31. What is ORM

    32. Why Hibernate?

    33. What is the actual use of @Entity, @Id, @GeneratedValue, @Temporal, @Casecade annotation

    34. What is first level and second level cache in Hibernate

    35. Differentiate save, saveorUpdate, update, merge, persist

    36. Differentiate get and load methods

    37. Why Spring?

    38. What is Dependency Injection

    39. What is Inversion of Control

    40. How many Beans Scope available in Spring Framework

    41. Explain Autowiring Concept in Spring

    42. What is Spring Data and why it more powerful

    43. What is the actual use of @Autowired, @Qualifier, @Component Annotation

    44. Give some name for Spring Annotations

    45. Differentiate @Controller and @RestController

    46. Explain Spring MVC Workflow

    47. Differentiate SOAP and RESTful Web Services

    48. Explain get, post, put and delete methods in Web Services

    49. Have you written any web service from scratch?

    50. Have you modify any existing web service?

    51. Why Spring Boot?

    52. Give some brief about application.properties file

    53. Is Spring Boot allowed to see changes without restart the application?

    54. What is Maven and Explain its actual use

    55. Which tool you have used in your last project for Code Control Management

    56. What is Microservices?

    57. Explain the architecture of Microservices?