First Java Application

  • Class definition:
    This line uses the keyword class to declare that a new class is being defined.
    class Welcome
    Welcome is an identifier that is the name of the class. The entire class definition, including all of its members, will be between the opening curly brace { and the closing curly brace } .
  • Public:
    It is an Access Modifier, which defines who can access this Method. Public means that this Method will be accessible by any Class(If other Classes can access this Class.).
  • Static:
    Static is a keyword that identifies the class-related thing. It means the given Method or variable is not instance-related but Class related. It can be accessed without creating the instance of a Class.
  • Void:
    It is used to define the Return Type of the Method. It defines what the method can return. Void means the Method will not return any value.
  • main:
    Main is the name of the Method. This Method name is searched by JVM as a starting point for an application with a particular signature only.
  • String args[] / String… args:
    It is the parameter to the main method. The argument name could be anything.